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  1. The Action- Uptight & Outasight
  2. Azymuth- Brazilian Soul
  3. Bernard Allison- Higher Power
  4. Carleen Anderson- Soul Providence
  5. The Baker Brothers- In With The Out-Crowd
  6. Andy Bey & The Bey Sisters- Same (Andy Bey &...)
  7. Big Star- In Space
  8. Blackalicious- The Craft
  9. Black Uhuru- Dynasty
  10. Blindside- The Great Depression
  11. Solomon Burke- King Solomon/I Wish I Knew
  12. Solomon Burke- Make Do With What You Got
  13. Gordon Chambers- Introducing…
  14. Otis Clay- Respect Yourself
  15. Cooley’s Hot-Box- Don’t Be Afraid Get On
  16. Anthony David- 3 Chords & The Truth
  17. Julie Dexter- Conscious
  18. The Dirtbombs- Ultraglide In Black
  19. Booker Ervin- Tex Book Tenor
  20. The Evan Anthem- Sens
  21. Franz Ferdinand- You Could Have It So Much Better
  22. The Futureheads- Same
  23. Reverend Al Green- Everything’s OK
  24. Andrew Hill- Blue Black
  25. Hil St. Soul- Copasetik & Cool
  26. Jasper Street Company- Collection
  27. Angela Johnson- They Don’t Know
  28. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- Naturally
  29. Fela Kuti- Ikoyi Blindness/Kalakuta Show
  30. The Link Quartet- Italian Playboys
  31. Martin Luther- The Calling
  32. Bob Marley- Live @ The Roxy
  33. Thelonious Monk Quartet w/ John Coltrane- At Carnegie Hall
  34. Clara Moreno- Morena Bossa Nova
  35. North Mississippi All Stars- Electric Blue Watermelon
  36. The Players- From the Six Corners
  37. P.O.D.- Warriors EP Volume 2
  38. Project 86- And the Rest Will Follow
  39. Maria Rita- Same
  40. Max Roach- The Many Sides of Max
  41. Marlon Saunders- A Groove So Deep
  42. The Sights- Same
  43. Skindred- Babylon
  44. The Solarflares- Laughing Sons
  45. Steel Pulse- African Holocaust
  46. Josh Stone- Mind, Body & Soul
  47. Two Banks of Four- City Watching
  48. Paul Weller- As Is Now
  49. Gerald Wilson- In My Time
  50. Betty Wright- Hard to Stop

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