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June 5, 2001

Joyous Shout! is HAPPY to announce that June 12th will see the release of Chico Hamilton's debut recording for Koch Jazz (www.kochentertainment.com), FORESTSTORN. The new album features Chico's young "Euphoria" group with Cary DeNigris on guitar, Paul Ramsey on bass, Erik Lawrence on alto and soprano saxes and flute, and Evan Schwam on tenor sax as well as Special Guest Appearances from Former Bandmembers Arthur Blythe, Steve Turre and his wife Akua Dixon, Eric Person, former Spin Doctors guitarist Eric Schenkman (a student of Chico's), Blues Traveler front man John Popper (also a student of Chico's), and Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones.

From Donald Elfman's liner notes to FORESTSTORN:
"In his original thinking about this new recording, Chico decided that he wanted to re-affirm the joy of the groove and the need to truly involve people - players and listeners. In addition, he wanted to thank and pay tribute to his late son Foreststorn - it's Chico's given name too - by making a truly heartfelt new recording. So he gathered together true musical friends - they've either come through his bands or deeply acknowledged his influence - and made an album of celebration. The guest stars are extraordinary individual voices but they have learned Chico's lovely life lesson and work with his talented and aptly named young band Euphoria in wondrous ways. What emerges is a different kind of jazz album for 2001 - don't look for long showboating solos or any one person stealing the spotlight. It's a total experience that is rich with warmly familiar elements - the blues, gospel, song, dance and a timeless groove of which Chico says, 'You know it takes all kinds of grooves to make a groove'."

Handling publicity for FORESTSTORN is Brian Coleman of Braithwaite and Katz Communications (brian@bkmusicpr.com).

Working radio promotions on FORESTSTORN are Susan Levin (SBLCTC@aol.com) and Laura Sanano (Lasano@aol.com) of Coast to Coast Promotions.

Further information on FORESTSTORN is available from the Koch Jazz folks, Donald Elfman (elfman@kochint.com) and Naomi Yoshii (yoshii@kochint.com).

Order your copy of FORESTSTORN now at www.amazon.com or www.cdnow.com!!

Chico Hamilton is booked worldwide exclusively by Concerted Efforts Tel: 617.969.0810 Fax: 617.969.6761 Email: concerted@concertedefforts.com Website: www.concertedefforts.com,. Chico will be touring extensively thru the end of the year in support of the FORESTSTORN album.




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